I wanted to spice up my private beach, so I made a simple ocean-y (blue) picnic blanket, complete with apple pie.  Because pie is awesome.  Thought I’d share.

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The canoe trip was a lot of fun, but now I’m beat. It rained when we were about 7 miles in… (out of 10) but we survived!!

Got that presentation over with thank god. Now I can relax!!

1) Shooting yourself in the head really does make all the bad things go away

2) When you fall down, you get back up

3) Junpei + Dog + Robot = Dream Team

4) Who needs jewelry when you have kaleidoscopes and homemade chokers?

5) Can someone get me off the Creepy-Pharos-One-Week-To-Full-Moon-Alarm-System?

6) Dates with Elizabeth are always the best.

7) Even though you’re risking your life by battling creepy ass monsters almost every single night after school, it’s still important to get good grades.

8) If you don’t have dead, crappy, or abusive parents (or an inferiority complex) you don’t deserve a backstory.

9) Shut up Fuuka/That One Guy Who Makes Puns/Ect.

10) Wait…are you telling me that the full moon and the attack of the shadows are somehow connected?!

- 10 Things I learned about Persona 3 (according to Joe)

CH6-6 ⇢

Chapter 6 is complete (again). Hopefully now a few questions have been answered! 

Oh no!! Lionel moved out of my town… I’m really sad, he was one of my favorite villagers. If someone has Lionel in their town, could you let me know? I’d love to trade for him if he moves out!

Whew! My research presentation is finally done. I can’t believe I have to wait until tomorrow morning to present it though, uugghh let me be free. At least I get to go canoeing with the interns afterwards, before we all say good bye and go our separate ways on Thursday. ;w; 

Since I’ll be back from my internship and nobody will be in town, would anyone be up for a livestream this weekend? Let me know what kinds of times would work well for you guys, and if you’d like there to be a theme! 
(Ex: requests, comic pages, more vector art idk?)


Heyaaa everyone! :D
I’m almost done with my last batch of chibi commissions
(one more to go!!!) so I’m going to open up a few more
slots! These will be done by the end of August.

If you want, you can add a dollar and I’ll draw you with
your fave villager! :D Up to two villagers maximum!

Mainly opening up these slots because I want to
commission some really cool artists! You guys should
go commission them instead of me if you want!!!
I really encourage you to support artists through money
commissions, because it helps artists grow and encourages
them to keep improving!! Also, it’s super super cool to have
someone draw your character for you! :D

Please message me here via ask if you would like a slot. :)
I’ll respond and we can work out references, details, etc!
Many thanks,

Mayor Grace

PS. I’ll delete this post when all slots are filled!
This will probably be the last commissions I take
for this summer/this year. ; V ; //can’t draw while
I’m at school because I gotta study!

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Nothing is more awesome than getting the doggie on your team. Nothing I say.


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